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  • 留言主题: 在杂志上 Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology投稿,马上就收到了编辑部的邮件,Ethical Statement(s) missing,但是我在文章中把这部分加上去再发过去还是收到了同样的伦理部分缺失,有人知道这是怎么回事麽
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  •   英语四级作文范文:师生关系  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship betwe...
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  • All-In-One Page CEDICT Chinese to English dictionary in traditional Chinese contains 27085 entries, and can be easily viewed and searched both online and ...
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  • Hu, H., Zhu, Q. , Du, Z., Zhang, Y., Ding, Y., 2015. Reliable spatial relationship constrained feature point matching of oblique aerial images. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 81 (1), 49-58.
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  • in April of the decision.If you are deferred from Early Decision or Early Action, you will be placed in Regular Decision。
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  • 让和您同专业的欧美编辑为您翻译包括Research Proposal,Study Plan等科技文章,保证欧美刊物审稿时不会因为语法问题而不能通过,我司编辑均为欧美人士,顶级大学硕士以上学历,拥有顶级期刊发表经验,所有文章都将经过3次审核并通防抄袭验证,您也可以选择教授或者认证专业人士为您服务,得国际科技刊物/组织的认可近在咫尺!